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With our Job Order Contracting (JOC) delivery method, we have a proven reputation for delivering in budget, on time and safely. Many of our JOC projects can also utilize our TIPS contract for the best value with the most innovative construction solutions. We have extensive experience using JOC for educational institutions and for municipalities.


This construction delivery method decreases the time required for preconstruction and it assists with budget constraints by utilizing standardized costs. With this problem-solving approach, Job Order Contracting (JOC) projects are delivered on time and on budget. We have extensive experience in repair and renovation projects utilizing the JOC construction delivery method.


  • More projects are completed on time and in budget.

  • With predetermined prices more projects are completed each year.

  • Standardized costs allow for more money to be spent on construction.

  • The transparency of JOC naturally lowers legal fees.

  • Clearly defined project scopes reduce change orders.

  • Long-term relationships are built between construction company and client.

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When is Job Order Contracting Used?

Job Order Contracting (JOC) construction delivery method is best suited for projects where the scope of work can be reliably laid out. JOC is most commonly used for a wide variety of renovation, repair, minor construction and recurring construction project needs. Multiple projects can be grouped together under one JOC contract, lowering time and costs. JOC is well-matched to meet many of the project needs of facility owners involved in public education, municipalities, local, state, federal agencies and the military. JOC can also be utilized by any other entities with facility project needs, both public and private. Emergency repairs and facility maintenance can be completed in less time than it traditionally would take to even hire a contractor.

Archer Construction & Design is a TIPS vendor. TIPS provides a process to eliminate purchasing related stress for governmental and organizational entities.

We have the following TIPS awarded contracts:

  • Job Order Contracting
  • Trades, Labor and Materials (JOC)
  • Synthetic or Natural Sports Fields, Courts or Tracks (JOC)

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Job Order Contracting Definition

Job Order Contracting is a project delivery method, as defined by the Texas Government Code Sec. 2269.401. It allows for certain organizations to have construction projects completed quickly and easily. Job Order Contracting is used by the federal and state government, municipalities, school districts, colleges, universities, and hospital systems. It allows those facilities to accomplish a large number of renovation, maintenance, and construction projects quickly with a single, competitively bid contract. To learn more about Job Order Contracting see JOC Center for Excellence >>