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Our collaborative approach to your healthcare project allows you to focus on what is important, caring for your patients and their families. When we begin the planning stage of any medical/healthcare facility we keep your patients’ needs in the forefront of our minds. We use innovative solutions so you can provide the highest levels of patient care inside that facility. Our approach includes being meticulously detailed-oriented to deliver the project you need efficiently and effectively.

Uninterrupted Patient Care


Archer Construction & Design has experience with medical facility construction of all sizes, scopes and complexities. Our design focus is facility-specific and prioritizes patient care and safety during the process and after. Our healthcare projects are built to improve the quality of patient care and positive patient experience. Our team anticipates challenges in a forward-thinking and seamless process. To achieve this, we believe it takes an entire team to assess risk. We collaborate with stakeholders including hospital administration, infectious disease control, physicians, and staff to bring their perspective and voice to any potential issues. We develop enduring and secure medical buildings and facilities that are successfully built while safeguarding your patients’ health whether or not it is occupied medical construction. Our team will deliver your next project safely, on time and in budget.


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