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Our Design-Build delivery method offers our clients a single point of responsibility throughout their construction project. We take care of every detail, starting from the initial conceptual idea right through to their project’s completion. Through early integration of the design and construction teams, communication is consistent and constant which can help eliminate costly oversights. We partner with our clients and the design teams to streamline the process, and collaborate on efficiencies throughout your build. This proactive strategy expedites schedules and controls costs. We provide innovative building design solutions for new construction, expansions, and renovations in every market sector, bringing value and stability to every step of the process.


Our collaborative approach promotes problem solving and innovation while melding creativity and practicality. Through our experiences we have refined the process of designer and constructor working hand in hand to meet the needs of our clients, and will bring that experience to your project.

  • Accelerated Project Delivery
  • Partnership of all Project Stakeholders
  • Single Point of Responsibility
  • Cost Savings
  • Constant and Consistent Communication
Prairie View AM Farrell Hall student cafe

Prairie View AM Farrell Hall student cafe

Our expertise is in developing your vision that meets all construction requirements, codes and in your budget. We analyze the project’s site, any existing structures and utilities to look for potential challenges. During this phase, we define the scope of work that addresses construction methods, materials, budgets, and all aspects that impact your project. Our design build team will provide you with suggestions to enhance your project’s ideal aesthetics, size, layout, and functionality. We will discuss any design choices that may impact constructability and provide innovative solution options. While designing, our team is estimating construction costs and can more precisely conceptualize your completed project. This collaboration reduces change orders and saves time and money.

Design Build Difference

Texas AM Commerce Mac Court sport court aerial view

As construction documents are progressing, our team is updating cost analysis and constructability reviews which leads to less cost growth. This eliminates costly redesigns for over-budget construction documents which lowers schedule growth. The collaboration of the contractor increases the quality of work when construction is considered before the plans are finalized.

Design Build Versus Tradition Delivery

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Faster Delivery
Faster Construction Speed
Less Schedule Growth
Less Cost Growth

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