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Archer Construction & Design’s design-bid-build construction delivery method is unique with our ability to maintain quality construction while providing superior service and cost efficiency.

While this process can be opportunistic and capitalize on bidders’ mistakes, we work to provide pricing that avoids change orders and creates an adversarial working relationship. We are committed to value and relationships, and these core beliefs steer our approach to the competitive bidding market. We work with subcontractors to be sure that there are no gaps in scope and that they have the proper quantities to ensure that nothing is missed. Our preconstruction team works to uncover inconsistencies in the design documents and identify potential hidden costs in order to prevent change orders.

Texas AM Commerce Mac Court aerial view of sport court 
Mac Court Addition for Texas A&M University in Commerce Texas


 With design-bid-build, your general contractor is not involved during the initial design phase and is hired after designs are completed. This makes it vital to hire a general contractor with extensive experience in design and a proven track record of transparency.  Our integrity drives us to perform with tireless work ethic and meticulous attention to details to deliver the quality project you envision regardless of the method chosen.

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Archer Construction & Design is a family owned business that prides itself on bringing value to our clients. On all our projects over the years, we have strived to run our business with respect, excellence, leadership, integrity, and selfless service.

  • Respect for our clients, the design teams, the subcontractors, and the employees that make our projects a success.
  • Excellence in the quality of our work and the way we deliver that to our customers.
  • Leadership on our projects and in the communities we serve.
  • Integrity in the way we conduct our business and the trust that we garner from those we encounter along the way.
  • And finally with selfless service in our community and our fellow man.

We simply want to be the people that you want to work with again and again. We build relationships and our clients become friends, with whom we have formed the relationships that have allowed us to make a living doing what we love. For that we are thankful and blessed. We would love to become your trusted partner on your next project.

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